Interested in scheduling an immersion?
Contact Leah Spigelman, ImmerseNYC Immersion Coordinator 


Be sure to click on our ImmerseNYC Salons page to learn more about and RSVP for our upcoming salons including:

Brooklyn: Mikveh and Niddah — January 23 and February 7, 7:30-9:30 PM (women only)

Upper West Side Mikveh Salon – January 26th and February 9th from 7:30 – 9:30pm

Mikveh: Fertility and Pregnancy Loss

Mikveh and Niddah: For Lesbian and Bisexual Women – January and March (women only)

Unwedded Waters: A Mikveh Salon for Single Women – February/March (Dates based on Participants, women only)

Mikveh and Niddah: A Salon for Couples – Dates and Full Description TBD

Wise Marriage: A Salon for Couples – Dates and Full Description TBD

A Mikveh Salon: Fatherhood — Dates and Full Description TBD, fathers only

Mikveh: After the Conversion — Dates and Full Description TBD


ImmerseNYC is a pluralistic, Jewish, feminist organization in New York City that facilitates deep ritual experiences, supportive peer communities, and educational programs. We work to strengthen and transform individual Jews who can then strengthen and transform their communities and the world.

          Deep Ritual Experiences: Our trained, volunteer mikveh guides facilitate welcoming, transformative mikveh immersions for our diverse Jewish community, which honor the sacred nature of our lives, bodies, and experiences, and reclaim an ancient ritual for a new world.

          Supportive Peer Communities: Our peer facilitators convene community conversations in which people of all genders can share their stories, push back against unhealthy pressures, experience rituals together, and hold nonjudgmental conversations about life transformations that foster growth and connection.

          Educational Programs: We organize workshops and events about mikveh, feminism, and life transitions for adult learners, community groups, religious schools, seminary students and clergy.


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