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Our Mission

ImmerseNYC, the only community mikveh project in New York City, introduces New York Jews to the myriad ways that powerful and transformational mikveh rituals can add meaning to their Jewish lives, both through educational programming and immersions.

Our work is imbued with three core values:

Ahavat Yisrael: Devotion to and Respect for all Jews
Actively building a pluralistic community across denominations and affiliations

Petichut: Openness
Creating an explicitly welcoming, safe, and accessible space for all who wish to enter (and/or augmenting existing mikve’ot so that they are more welcoming, safer and more accessible)

Hadesh yameinu k’kedem: Making New the Past
Re-imagining, reclaiming and renewing an ancient Jewish ritual

In the near future, we hope to build a community mikveh: a sacred space where the diverse New York Jewish community can immerse for conversion and niddah (women’s monthly immersion), and for alternative rituals, like healing and life transitions.

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